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We arrange all options of mobility for you and your employees
Full range of business mobility services
Flexible - Customized - Delivered
  • Mixx card
  • Public transport
  • Shared transport
  • Renting and leasing
  • Taxi
  • Parking and P+R
  • Refuelling and charging
  • Claim
  • Mobility budget
  • Advice

Simply the most complete mobility card in the Netherlands. All in 1 - from OV chipcard to reloadable card.

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Our mobility card is for everyone. All your travel products on 1 card - and 1 invoice. Pay retrospectively. No need to pre-load your card. Protected against abuse and loss.

All OV chip card features are available, so you can also correct a missed check-out or report a delay. And if you want your own brand on the card, we'll be happy to provide you with a tailor-made solution!

The Mixx card gives you access to the entire Dutch public transport system.

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This means: all trains, buses, metros, trams and ferries, as well as the well-known 'OV-fiets' rental bike and bicycle parking facilities at NS stations.

Mobility Mixx means ‘pay as you go’, because this is the most economical way of travelling.

We have short- and long-term solutions for renting and leasing cars, scooters and bicycles.

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Car rental is a standard part of our service. Our extremely convenient pick-up and drop service means your car will come to you, whenever you want. We also supply two and four wheelers for longer term use.

We can arrange rental, lease or transport within a business sharing scheme (e.g. a shared business car). And we make your bicycle plan work best for you, conveniently combined with all other services within a total concept.

A taxi can sometimes be useful. So we provide taxis throughout the Netherlands.

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Order a taxi via our Mixx app, and travel on account throughout the Netherlands. We will let you know the fare in advance. You will also receive a confirmation SMS and a phone number for direct contact with the taxi driver.

So you can communicate any last-minute delays. Ride now, pay later. And your trip is clearly specified on a monthly invoice.

Parking costs can be substantial. We offer a smart solution for parking at a wide range of NS P+R locations and on-street parking.

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At a large number of P+R locations near NS Stations, you can park with our Mixx Card. Much cheaper and very convenient. On-street parking is also available in virtually all of the Netherlands. If you log in to your Mixx Account, you can see exactly which P+R locations you can park at.

And again, as with all our services, everything is neatly itemised on the monthly invoice. No need to keep receipts and submit expense claims.

1 card for everything. With Mixx card you can both refuel and charge. Always at hand. No separate chip card required.

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Refuel and recharge throughout Europe with 1 card. Use the same card to park at a Park&Ride (P+R) or travel on public transport.

You get a clear, specified invoice, suitable for tax purposes, and a comprehensive report. The report can, for example, also be used to provide insight into CO2 emissions.

And for those who sometimes travel in their own vehicle, the Mixx app will claim all of last month's mileage in 2 minutes.

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Whether you go to work in your own car, or on a bicycle or e-bike, our claim module claims your travel kilometres at your own, selected rate. For example, you can set the tax-exempt rate of 0.19 ct/km as default.

Or apply your own rate, per means of transport. And you can make a distinction between work/home, business and private trips. This extremely versatile claims module is a standard part of our service!

The mobility budget is the innovative key to the new way of travelling. Maximum flexibility for the employee.

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With a mobility budget, employees have access to any type of travel, with predictable costs. No mandatory train use. No 'always my own car'. Just what fits best - at that moment. Working partly from home? No problem. In this case the employee does not receive travel allowance,

but can receive a contribution towards the costs of working from home. And the name says it all: the mobility budget is maximum budget, so it can never be exceeded.

Sometimes the most profitable solution is not immediately clear. We provide thorough analysis and free advice.

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Switching to a mobility budget or evaluating public transport season ticket options can be quite complicated. So let our data specialists calculate the best opportunities for your business. We do this by analysing your employees' travel movements, evaluating your own mobility provisions and then indicating profit opportunities,

in terms of cost-savings and/or greening your mobility, and making it more convenient for employer and employee. Simply the most complete mobility card in the Netherlands. Everything in 1: from OV chipcard to reloadable card.

A smart solution for all your business mobility

Mobility Mixx offers you the perfect and personal mobility solution for your employees. They will have access to a great variety of transport options with only one card. This saves money, paperwork and contributes to a better environment.

How does it work?
Arrange everything with the Mixx app!

The Mixx App is the newest product from Mobility Mixx and makes it possible for users to easily plan a trip. The travel planner in the Mixx App offers a detailled public transport advice with an integrated taxi advice in one overview. From the travel advice, you can also book a taxi or rental car. Do you want to book a taxi or rental car directly? That is also possible with the Mixx App.

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How does the Mixx Card work?

Organizing all of your business mobility with just one card? This is possible with the Mixx Card. The Mixx Card offers access to a great variety of transport options: train, tram, metro, rental car, taxi, public transport and bicycle. Discover the ultimate in travel convenience.

What people say?
For me, the value of Mobility Mixx is the flexibility to choose what suits me best, at the time I need it. And ‘no use, no pay’ is handy in these times!
- Gerard, zelfstandig ICT’er
What people say?
Mobility Mixx means we can offer our lease drivers a good alternative. One that requires fewer lease kilometres and fewer parking spaces - which is a real gain for us.
- Hans Bijl, Manager Reward & Labour Relations, VodafoneZiggo
What people say?
Mobility Mixx offers a solution for all possible ways of travelling for our staff. A highly efficient, all-in-one solution, which even allows international travel between our offices in Antwerp and Amsterdam.
- Robert Marico, HR Coördinator, Dille & Kamille
What people say?
Mobility Mixx helps us to green our mobility policy: fewer car kilometres and more 'green' kilometres. The contribution of Mobility Mixx in devising, testing and rolling out a new mobility scheme for the entire company has been very valuable.
- Clemens van Slingerland, Directeur Human Resources, Hunter Douglas
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