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‘Healthy’ travel alternatives for the new situation

Through our partners, we offer a comprehensive range of transport means in various contract forms: highly accessible pay-per-use, rental and/or short-term leasing, or shared transport. Solutions include the provision of a temporary company pool of e-bikes or scooters, which colleagues can use to complete the final stretch of their journey to work from a cheap car park or train station. Or making speed pedelecs available throughout this period to employees who live between 5 and 20 kilometres from work.

The Corona Transport Ladder (see image) provides a handy overview in which the various modes of travel are ranked according to health, including the least risk of coronavirus transmission. The list was drawn up by colleagues from Syndesmo consultancy, based on RIVM (The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) research into healthy modes of travel.

Individual transport is the next best thing to working from home, preferably in the open air. Of course, an additional advantage associated with walking, cycling, speed pedelecs and mopeds, is that the exercise they provide boosts immunity.

The car remains popular as an individual mode of transport, provided that the workplace benefits from sufficient affordable parking spaces. Train passengers could also consider a short lease car during this period, for which Mobility Mixx offers extremely attractive rates (please refer to our article on short lease). Employees who continue to travel on busy public transport lines could claim an upgrade to a more peaceful 1st class carriage.

Regardless of your current policy or requirements, we’d be delighted to provide peace of mind by arranging an appropriate solution for your employees.


Illustration - Corona Transport Ladder

  1. Working from home/video conferencing
  2. (Electric) bicycle and walking
  3. Speed pedelec and (electric) moped
  4. Car/motorcycle
  5. Carpool/taxi
  6. Vanpool/shuttle bus
  7. Public transport outside rush hour
  8. Public transport during rush hour: 1st class
  9. Public transport during rush hour: 2nd class                                                           source: Syndesmo