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Avis Partnership

Avis and Mobility Mixx have entered into a partnership agreement. As a result, business customers of the well-known rental and leasing company have benefited from the Avis Mobility Card since 1 August 2020. The card’s package of services are enabled by the mobility platform and operational support of Mobility Mixx. The platform was set up by Mobility Mixx and is tailored to Avis's specific wishes and requirements.


Avis has 38 branches, spread throughout the Netherlands. This gives the rental and leasing company a remarkably strong bond with local businesses. Clients can have their car delivered and picked up by a Avis driver, or they can collect it themselves and/or deliver it to a branch of their choice. This is practical for local customers and saves car delivery and collection costs. The mobility card is the perfect complement to this service. With the Avis Mobility Card clients can travel freely on public transport – including to a Avis branch.


Why Mobility Mixx?

Marc Beers, Avis New Business Director, explains why they chose to partner with Mobility Mixx. 'The Mobility Mixx mobility card is a wonderful new, complementary product that adds real value to our services. It's also a great way to boost and maintain customer awareness. The physical card in our client's hands is a reminder of Avis. Our desire to be fully relieved of product delivery to our clients, including the handling of questions and problems, played a major role in our choice of partner. Mobility Mixx takes care of the entire operational process. As the most experienced MaaS player in the Dutch market, they have built up a strong track record and set up a reliable platform of services.'

Complementary product

The mobility card is a valuable addition to Avis's rental products. 'It unburdens us as a company, while our clients experience the convenience of an all-in-one solution,' says Marc. ‘In addition to car hire, and without subscribing for a monthly season ticket, Avis customers can use public transport (including the OV-fiets public transport bikes), whenever they wish. As well as the standard package of services such as parking, refuelling and recharging. And travelling with Avis is now even more flexible. For example, if there's an unexpected hailstorm as a client is about to start a return trip, he or she can now decide to use the mobility card and travel back on public transport. The car can be left at a Avis branch nearby, or be collected by Avis,' explains Marc. With Mobility Mixx Avis clients get a total business travel solution – from a single provider.