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Start N279 Maas-project

Mobility Mixx wins assignment to improve traffic flow on N279

The N279, the provincial north-south route from the A2 motorway at Den Bosch to Veghel and Helmond in the direction of Roermond, is often subject to traffic jams. Mobility Mixx has been selected by SmartwayZ.NL as its all-round MaaS partner. The primary goal is to improve the accessibility and flow of traffic in the area. Clean mobility will also be stimulated and the project also aims to improve quality of life. To facilitate benefits to travellers, the project will increase supply and usage of a range of mobility and transport services that are well matched to traveller needs.

SmartwayZ.NL is a public-private, innovative, mobility programme working to develop the quickest, safest, smartest and most robust mobility network in the Netherlands for the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg. A central aim in its cooperation with Mobility Mixx is the stimulation and facilitation of regional motorists to travel smarter, supported by a coherent package of incentive measures. The main driver of the project is the far-reaching construction work planned for the N279 between Veghel and Asten.

Rutger van 't Ende, Director of Operations & IT at Mobility Mixx, tells us what to expect, 'Our commitment is to change the behaviour of travellers in a positive way by offering good alternatives that lead to greater travel convenience and flexibility. To allow for improvement of traffic flow, we are asking travellers to avoid the N279 as much as possible and to make more use of shared transport in the area. Together with its partners, Mobility Mixx is making shared electric scooters, shared bicycles and shared cars available to businesses in the area. In this way we hope to entice travellers to make smarter and cleaner travel choices, now and in future. Alternative transport will continue to be available after completion of the work.' The shared mobility options will also be available to residents in the area.

Shared transport will continue to be made available to travellers in the region as from the end of October. Businesses in the area will also be given the opportunity to participate in the project.

Points system: Mixx Miles

As an extra incentive for smart travellers, Mobility Mixx is introducing a points system for earning travel credit. Travellers who avoid congestion and choose alternatives earn Mixx Miles. These can be redeemed for free, shared transport of their choice. A win-win situation! The travel behaviour of participants is automatically registered by means of cameras that record vehicle registration plates. Journeys can also be tracked by means of the Mixx app and Mixx card.

More information?

Interested employers are asked to notify Mobility Mixx.

We will contact you to establish your mobility requirements and compile a mobility mix that’s tailor-made for your organisation.