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Mixx on the move

Mobility Mixx achieved the ISO 27001 certification in record time, without any shortcomings identified during the process. This means that this provider of smart mobility solutions (Mobility as a Service, or MaaS) once again complies with the most important international standard for information security and privacy legislation (which includes the GDPR).

Roald van Geleuken, Security Officer of Mobility Mixx, comments, 'This certification formally demonstrates, once again, that information security is up to standard across all of our business operations. The successful outcome of the certification process confirms our reliability as a mobility partner. This is important because we connect and provide information to many thousands of travellers and mobility solution providers via our mobility platform. Accordingly, our customers and partners must be confident that the security and privacy of the data we hold meet all applicable requirements.'

Mobility Mixx was assisted in preparing for certification by Panterra Consultants. The certification process has been completed several times in the past, but than as part of the shareholders of Mobility Mixx. The entire process was completed in less than six months, while such processes can often take an entire year. The final certification by TÜV did not reveal any shortcomings. However, the process did yield valuable ideas to further perfect the system.

'We are naturally proud of the re-certification,' says Rutger van 't Ende, Operations & IT Director. 'All of our business processes have once again been critically examined and found to be good. This is also positive for our competitiveness. Certification is particularly important for governments and major players and, as far as we know, we are one of the few Dutch MaaS providers that offer this certification.'

About Mobility Mixx

Mobility Mixx offers a complete customised solution for the mobility needs of employers and employees in business and government, including planning, booking, administration and payment. Numerous providers of transport and transport services (public transport, cars, e-bikes and scooters, refuelling, loading, parking, etc.) are connected to the Mobility Mixx digital platform in which all trips are registered and subsequently billed. The data is easily accessible via the Mixx app and portal – for every traveller, administrator and manager. this kind of all-in-one solution is rightly called Mobility as a Service, or 'MaaS'. Customers of Mobility Mixx include VodafoneZiggo, Tesla, Wageningen University & Research, the Municipality of The Hague, Hunter Douglas, Eiffel, Dille & Kamille, Europcar and Elastic. Mobility Mixx is owned by ARS Traffic & Transport Technology BV (ARS T&TT) and the Hitachi Capital Corporation (HC).

Harald Ernst, the new Commercial Director at Mobility Mixx

Harald Ernst is the new Commercial Director of Mobility Mixx as of 1 September. ‘We’re delighted that Harald is joining and strengthening the management team. His broad knowledge and experience of digital platforms and solutions will help us take the next step in our commercial strategy and realise the growth ambitions of Mobility Mixx,’ says CEO Ronald Haanstra. Harald tells us that Smart Mobility is more of a current issue than ever, ‘The new way of working compels companies to rethink mobility and gives us many opportunities to do so, together with our clients.’ Harald Ernst joins from Capgemini, where until recently he worked for the management consultancy arm, Capgemini Invent.