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Privacy statement Mobility Mixx

Mobility Mixx B.V. (hereinafter: ‘Mobility Mixx’) collects personal data for the purposes of conducting and optimizing its business. Mobility Mixx warrants that such personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the privacy legislation and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. 

This privacy statement describes the data which is collected, the purposes for which this is done, and how you may exercise your rights in relation to your personal data in your capacity as a Mobility Mixx cardholder.

Mobility Mixx is a participant in the public transport chip card [‘OV-chipkaart’] scheme

Mobility Mixx participates in the public transport chip card scheme in its capacity as a commercial card supplier. In order to execute the contract which Mobility Mixx has entered into with TLS, the latter has asked the former in its capacity as a business card supplier to ensure that a cardholder explicitly consents to the use, processing and inspection of their personal data and the travel transactions recorded on their public transport chip card.

Third-party use of data

Mobility Mixx may avail itself of the services of other parties for the provision of services and the processing of personal data. Such parties may only process personal data provided that they comply with any instructions issued by Mobility Mixx as provided for in the relevant agreement. Mobility Mixx checks whether such other parties comply with their security obligations and the requirements stipulated in the privacy legislation and regulations. Mobility Mixx will never supply its cardholders’ personal data to another party for commercial purposes.

Business customers

At such time as you wish to become a customer, we will supply your data to Economic Data Resources B.V. (EDR). Based on this data, EDR will provide advice concerning the relevant business’ creditworthiness and any unfavourable remarks concerning its management. EDR uses such data to verify your business’ creditworthiness and contact details. If you would like to obtain information about or wish to lodge an objection against EDR’s use of your personal data, please see

Private individual customers

At such time as you wish to become a customer, we will supply your data to Economic Data Resources B.V. (EDR).  Based on this data, EDR will provide advice concerning your creditworthiness. EDR uses your data to verify your creditworthiness and contact details. If you would like to obtain information about or wish to lodge an objection against EDR’s use of your personal data, please see


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Data recorded

Basic data

Mobility Mixx records the following personal data of employees: name, gender, date of birth, residential address, telephone number, email address, Mobility Mixx customer number and in the case of a card produced to serve as a public transport chip card, the public transport chip card numbers (the internal number of the card and the number printed on it).

Travel and transaction data

Details are recorded of the trips made and transactions conducted with a mobility card. Mobility Mixx receives this data from its affiliated service providers and/or Translink Systems (TLS).

Website visits

Mobility Mixx collects, processes and analyses data concerning its customers, visitors to its websites and users of its applications using Google Analytics and so-called ‘cookies’. Cookies are small text files which the websites that you visit automatically store in your computer. Mobility Mixx collects the following data (in anonymous form) with the aid of such cookies: the domain name, the number of hits, the pages that are visited, the previous and following sites which are visited, and the duration of each visit.

Mobile app use

As in the case of its website, Mobility Mixx measures the use of various functional components on an anonymous basis.

Behaviour modification projects

If you participate in a Mobility Mixx behaviour modification project, we record the following additional data: the registration number of your vehicle(s), its or their date of ascription, your IBAN, and your location details.

This data is kept for the duration of the relevant project and is deleted upon its formal termination. Should you continue to avail yourself of Mobility Mixx’s normal services after a project ends, your IBAN will not be deleted.

Special personal data

Mobility Mixx does not collect special personal data (such as any concerning your political views, religious persuasion or your health) as defined in the GDPR.

Processing purposes

Any data that is recorded is mainly used for the provision of services and, as such, the execution of the contract between Mobility Mixx and the relevant employer or private individual. Furthermore, such data is used more specifically for the following purposes.

Production and issue of mobility cards

A mobility card is registered in its user’s name. As such, it is a personal public transport or other card, which only that user may use.

Processing of travel and transaction data, invoicing, and reporting
Mobility Mixx links travel and transaction data, and the costs involved to the relevant cardholder details (at the level of the card number). This is necessary in order to allocate the costs to the appropriate user. This data is used for invoicing, invoicing details, and reporting. Cardholders may view their own travel and transaction data after logging in at

Services provided
By recording contact, transaction and travel details in the Mobility Mixx system, it is possible to provide services to cardholders at all times, such as answering questions concerning travel and expenses, booking and facilitating transport, dealing with reports of loss or theft and the resultant applications for replacement cards, and complaints handling.

What rights do cardholders have?

The General Data Protection Regulation has conferred a number of rights on you, namely:

  • the right of inspection – you are entitled to inspect your personal data;
  • the right of rectification – you are entitled to have any incorrect personal data concerning you rectified;
  • the right of erasure – you are entitled to have your personal data erased;
  • the right to restricted processing – you are entitled to restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • the right to data portability – you are entitled to receive any of your personal data that is processed, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format;
  • the right of objection – you are entitled to the use of object to your personal data.

You may send a written request to:

Mobility Mixx B.V.
Attn. Data Protection Officer
P.J. Oudweg 4
1314 CH Almere

In the event that no or insufficient personal data remains recorded for the provision of Mobility Mixx services due to compliance with any privacy right, the provision of services to the relevant cardholder will be terminated. Any question concerning the processing of personal data may be presented in an email message sent to

Security and retention periods 

Mobility Mixx has adopted physical, technical and organisational measures to protect personal data having regard to the state of the art, the costs involved, and the nature of the personal data which is to be protected. Cardholders may view their travel data at after one has logged in using one’s personal user name and password. Data will be stored in Mobility Mixx’s administrative records as long as this is legally required.

Websites, mobile applications and email messages 

General information concerning Mobility Mixx is displayed on its websites. In addition, Mobility Mixx has a secure section for cardholders, who may log in using their personal user name and password.

Mobility Mixx also sends email messages informing cardholders of relevant developments affecting the provision of its services. Cardholders may give timely notice at any time to the effect that they do not wish to receive such email messages by using the unsubscribe option at the bottom of every newsletter.


This version of this privacy statement was drawn up in March 2020. Mobility Mixx reserves the right to amend this privacy statement. Nevertheless, under no circumstances will this policy fail to meet the requirements stipulated in the relevant legislation and regulations. The latest version of this privacy statement will always be published at